Going Short On Your Wedding Day


Many women express anxiety while going for short dresses on their wedding day. They have a rather unpleasant feeling of being untraditional on one of the most important days of their lives. What they often fail to realize is the fact that short dresses will not make them look out of the place. Far from it, short dresses will make them look gorgeous, especially if they have the right body type. Celebrities like Yoko Ono and Audrey Hepburn had flaunted short clothes on their wedding day. When it is common wearing short dresses for other occasions, why not for the wedding? This is the day you should feel comfortable and relaxed and if you find short clothes comfortable do not shun it because it is not traditionally worn by brides. The fashion industry also vouches for this, check this at http://britishfashioncouncil.com/pressreleases/The-British-Fashion-Industry–London-Fashion-Week-Facts–Figures

Some of the reasons to go short
Short dresses are less expensive when compared to long flowing gowns. Moreover, it is easier to carry off a short dress especially if you are getting married overseas. It is versatile and convenient to move around. If you plan to hit the floor on your wedding day, a short dress is convenient and easier to shake your legs. Accessing the toilet is much easier and quick with short clothes and it does not need any assistance. If you have long and sexy legs to show-off, this is the time to flaunt them. Most wedding gowns are a one-time investment requiring a lot of money to pay for it. With a short wedding-dress you can reuse it for other occasions and there is no need to shelve it.

Dress for the season
While choosing a wedding dress, keep in mind which season you are going to get hitched. The dress has to suit the season. If you are having a winter wedding, forget about going short.

Dress for the venue
Beach weddings can get messy if you are wearing a long trailing dress. This is the best time to opt for shorter hemlines and leave you shoulders bare. Soft laces or chiffon that dries faster could be the right choice.

Religious destinations are not meant for anything revealing. But short dress with lace could be perfect for a church wedding. If you do not like lace opt for a full length veil. Short dresses with sleeves are also preferred for religious venues.

Register office marriages are always low-key. Buy a simple and elegant dress to suit the place. You can opt for either a short sheath-dress or a staple-shift. Civil ceremony does not require you to wear a knee length gown especially if it is a small crowd. In case you are expecting a big crowd then opt for more detailing on your dress.

Some women prefer going for two wedding gowns, one long for the morning and the other short for the evening. But remember long dresses are always inconvenient with people stepping on your train often. Short dresses are comfortable and chic. Do not worry about what others feel or express. Live your life the way you want it. The bottom-line is to feel happy and make an impression.