Choosing the best juicer for you

With the extensive variety of juicers, such as slow juicer, centrifugal, twin-gear, etc., available on the market, it can be tricky to choose the best juicer for you. Whether you are buying your first juicer or you are seeking an upgraded one, there are some factors to be considered before buying the one. Here are those factors.

Simple to use

Choose a juicer, which is known for being simple to use and clean. However, the fact is that no juicers are trouble-free to clean, but some are certainly easier to clean than other juicers. If the components can go in a dishwasher, that is an advantage. If the juicer is painless to put back together subsequent to washing, that is one more plus.

High juice yield, desiccated pulp

The main feature of any best juicer is efficiency. An efficient juicer generates drier pulp, which signifies that the majority of the juice, and all its enzymes and nutrients have been excluded for you to drink. If the pulp is heavy and damp then, you can conclude that it is not performing its task well. You can re-juice the pulp at all times by rerunning it, but the high-quality, best juicer will save you this additional step.

Multiple Speeds

A juicer that comes with multiple speed option will allow you to extract the most juice from your produce. Juicers with slow speeds are ideal for juicing soft fruits, such as grapes, and the high speed juicer is suitable for harder vegetables, such as cucumbers and carrots.

Feeder tube size

A juicer with a wide feeder tube can save your juicing time, so most whole vegetables and fruits can fit easily.

Juice urn

Try to find a juicer with a juice container that has been particularly sized for the juicer and with a lid that fits above the spout. Juicing can be disorganized, but this will assist get rid of the splashes.


Though the factors mentioned above are vital for choosing the best juicer, considering the one with a long cord will provide you better flexibility, where it can be positioned on your counters while juicing. If you plan to hoard your juicer in cabinets, ensure that you choose the one that occupies less space in the cabinet. To achieve this, a compact juicer model is the best option for you.