Pros and Cons of PC Games On Demand

The recent launching of the new Sony PSP-Go and also plans to release OnLive’s on-demand video gaming technologies brings the subject of games on demand back to the headlines of technology debates. In case it is successful, on-demand video gaming technology will surely produce extremely good quality video games on any kind of computer machine without requiring any gaming console while regular features, for example, single as well as multiplayer alternatives will continue to be accessible. Nevertheless, like almost every other technical advancement there are bound to be complications that would have to be eliminated for this technology to be generally accepted.

Advantages of games on demand

1. Video games will probably be not easy to steal or even duplicate.

2. There is going to be a considerable boost in the earnings for game developers even though at the expense of retailers.

3. Hardcore game enthusiasts could easily get special high speed broadband packages from Internet service providers (ISPs) to deal with substantial bandwidth requirements that could furthermore result in advancements in some other areas for instance controlling high-speed broadband networks.

4. One can start enjoying full games within a few minutes of purchase. If one downloads a fast free player from Triton, then Triton’s player is going to download and also install the new game in the background making use of the speediest streaming delivery media currently available. You don’t need to wait for the whole game to download before you start playing.

5. When you login to the game, Triton instantaneously ensures you have the most recent and best version of the game. There is no need to search the Internet for updates. You will get yours automatically in the background.

Disadvantages of games on demand

1. The technology can only be accessible to a certain number of gamers since broadband internet connections are still not available in various parts of the world.

2. Only speedy internet connections are going to take advantage of the on-demand streaming.

3. There is always a risk that the video game servers might become overloaded and even crash if a great number of users attempt to gain access to a single game all at once.