Slipping At Work- How We Can Handle It?


When it comes to work shoes, a lot of people take it easy and buy shoes according to the work requirements. The only problem is that sometimes certain jobs require shoes that have to be resistant to slipping, especially when the job requires working on super smooth and polished floors. The job of a restaurant manager, for one, is something that requires slip-resistant shoes. You could check in at There is no doubt that the source of accidents is wrong shoes combined with slippery or smooth floors. Employees often ignore this aspect until they have a fall or slip somewhere. Restaurants are one place where the floor is expected to be super smooth and hygienic which is why restaurant owners and managers are becoming more conscious of the use of slip-resistant shoes. It is, therefore, useful to have a slip-resistant shoe so that you don’t get injuries at work.

Slip Resistant Shoes – A Real Benefit
The problem with smooth floors is that people are susceptible to accidents. Slip-resistant shoes can prevent accidents and is known to reduce work injuries by a significant percentage. Wrong footwear is the biggest reasons for accidents. Hence having a slip resistance program could be highly beneficial for your employees in the long run. This is true, especially if you run a hotel or a restaurant.

When it comes to compensation claims, the money that employers spend on claims is far more than they would expect. A compensation claim because of an accident at work involves a lot of work, this includes paperwork, as well as sorting out the case with the hospital and the insurance company. Ever so often, the reason for the slip eventually falls on the manager on duty. Many companies provide insurance for shoes that are resistant to slips and falls and can go a long way in reducing cost through comp claims.

The best thing about slip resistant shoe is that they will significantly reduce work-related accidents because of wrong shoes. There are slip resistant shoes that are not always the best quality and can still be the cause of accidents. However, having a slide resistant boot will bring down accidents due to trips and falls. Therefore, it is a good idea for employers to invest in good shoes as they have several benefits. On the one hand, employers can save money from a reduced number of compensation claims that are the result of accidents, and on the other hand, they can save a great deal of time because of the amount of paperwork involved in having to address comp claims from employees. The most significant benefit is that the employees will be safer because they have to wear shoes that are slip resistant, and this will also save them from a lot of discomfort from an accident or fall at work. These slip-resistant shoes work even in wet and oily conditions and hence are highly useful in difficult and slippery work environments.