Nerve Damage And Nerve Pain

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Nerve pain is chronic and hard to repair. You can take the medicines as recommended by your doctor and also consume supplements rich in vitamins for nerve pain. Before taking the supplements, you must confirm with your doctor. From the site, you can find out causes and symptoms of several diseases including Arthritis, diabetes, depression, eye health and many others. Also, you can find tips on health, beauty, diet food, fitness, and few other things.

Nerves transfer messages from the brain to the other parts of your body. Like a telephone cable that covers by insulation material, the external layer of the tissue develops a cover to safeguard the nerve. A single nerve has millions of separate fibers assembled as bundles inside the “insulated cable.”

Nerves act as a signal of the body that passes information from and to the brain. The motor nerve is a nerve type that carries information from your brain to other muscles that support the movement of your body. Sensory nerves transfer messages or pain signals, temperature, pressure from several parts of the body to the brain. You must also understand that a single nerve fiber transmits only one message type either sensory or motor. Most of your body nerves contain both the nerve types.

Nerves are easily broken, and they are highly possible for damage due to stretch, cut or pressure. Stretching injuries or pressure can make the fibers transforming signals to stop or break the nerve from functioning without disturbing the outer insulating sheet. But when there is cut in the nerve, both the insulation and nerve is damaged. Damages to the nerve can prevent signals transfer from and to the brain, and will stop the muscles from functioning.

When the nerve fibers are damaged, the fiber that extends up to the brain dies, but the insulation remains safe and results in only empty tubes to send nerve fibers. The fiber that ends very close your brain never dies, but over time, it starts to heal. When there is cut in the insulation, the nerve cannot fix it, then the nerve fibers grow like a ball at the finishing part of the cut and develop a nerve scar known as “neuroma.” A neuroma is very painful, and when you touch the pain area, it gives an electrical feeling.

When you fix the nerve cover, normally the nerve fibers started to grow in the damaged area after 3-4 weeks. Based on the patient’s age and several other factors, the nerve fibers every month normally develop nerve tubes that are empty. During the recovery process from the pain, the needles and pins feeling are common. Though it is an uncomfortable feeling, it normally passes as a recovery sign.

You must know about several things during the healing process. Your doctor will suggest physical therapy make your joints flexible. When the joints are stiff, they will not function even your muscles start their normal function. If your sensory nerve systems are damaged, you should be very careful and not to cut or burn your fingers since you lose feeling in the damaged area